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Lyrics Deep Purple. Тексты песен Deep Purple.

1994 to September 1995


People involved

Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Paul Morris (kbr); John O'Reilly (drm); Greg Smith (bss); Doogie White (vcl); together with Candice Night (bvc) and Mitch Weiss (hrm).

Rainbow reborn.


Albums & singles

Stranger In Us All [cd] : Europe September 1995 RCA/BMG 74321-30337-2

Stranger In Us All [cd; bonus track] : Japan September 1995 BMG Victor BVCP-862

Hunting Humans/Stand And Fight/Black Masquerade [promo] : Europe September 1995 RCA/BMG 74321-30336-2

Ariel Edit/Ariel/The Temple Of The King Live : Europe November 1995 RCA/BMG 74321-32982-2


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