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April/May 1980

Jack Green  

People involved

Jack Green (vcl/msc); together with: Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Brian Chatton (kbr); Andy Dalby (gtr); Ian Ellis (bss); Mac Poole (drm); Pete Tolson (gtr).

Jack Green had earlier played bass with Rainbow (he doesn't appear on any recordings though), during which time Blackmore and he became friends. Thus as a friendly favour, Blackmore laid down some guitar work on Green's solo album, on a track called "I Call, No Answer".


Albums & singles

Humanesque [lp] : US 1980 RCA Records 5004

Humanesque [lp] : Germany 1980 RCA Records PL-13639



Material from above appears on...

Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 2 [2lp/cd] : UK 1991 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 157


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