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March to May 1965

Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages   

People involved

Avid Andersen (bss); Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Jim 'Tornado' Evans (drm); David Sutch (vcl); and the Four Saxes (sxp).

Blackmore re-joined Lord Sutch. They released only 1 single which, as far as I know, could have been recorded earlier with a completely different line-up. If not, the below single is the only Screaming single with Blackmore.


Albums & singles

The Train Kept A-Rollin'/Honey Hush : UK 1965 CBS 201767



Material from above appears on...

Screaming Lord Sutch [cd] : UK 1991 EMI CDP 7 98044 2

Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 2 [2lp/cd] : UK 1991 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 157

Blackmore Best Collection [cd] : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECW-25088



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