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Lyrics Deep Purple. Тексты песен Deep Purple.
Deep Purple
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
 © 2000 Eagle Records

1.   Pictured Within
2.   Wait A While
3.   Sitting In A Dream
4.   Love Is All
5.   Via Miami
6.   That's Why God Is Singing The Blues
7.   Take It Off The Top
8.   Wring That Neck
9.   Concerto For Group And Orchestra
10. Ted The Mechanic
11. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
12. Watching The Sky
13. Pictures Of Home
14. Smoke On The Water


Jon Lord (keyboards),
 Steve Morse (guitar),
 Ian Paice (drums),
 Roger Glover (bass),
 Ian Gillan (vocals),
 London Symphony Orchestra
 (conducted by Paul Mann),
 Ronnie James Dio (vocal),
 Eddie Hardin (piano),
 Graham Preskett (violin),
 Aitch Mc Robbie (vocal),
 Margo Buchanan (vocal),
 Mario Argandona (vocal/prc),
 Pete Brown (vocal/guitar),
 Sam Brown (vocal),
 Miller Anderson (vocal/guitar),
 Steve Morris (guitar),
 Steve Morse Band,
 Dave La Rue (bass),
 Van Romaine (drums)
 The Kick Horns
 (Annie Whitehead (trm),
 Paul Spong (trp/flh),
 Roddy Lorimer (trp/flh),
 Simon C Clarke (sxp/flt),
 Tim Sanders (sxp)).

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