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September 1972 to April 1974   

Ian Gillan started recording demo tapes with non-Deep Purple material as early as September 1972 and continued doing so over the passing years, some of which include demos for a would-be cartoon called Cherkazoo. Various sessioners/friends appeared on these: incl. Roger Glover (gtr/bss), John Gustafson (bss), Pete York (drm), Jon Lord (pno), Mike Moran (kbr), Dave Wintour (bss), Andy Steele (drm), Bernie Holland (gtr), and various others.


Albums & singles

Cherkazoo And Other Stories [cd] : UK/Germany 1992 Line OLCD 9.51231-Z (RPM-104)

Cherkazoo And Other Stories [cd] : UK 1998 Eagle Records EAMCD052

Cherkazoo And Other Stories [cd; remastered] : US 2000 Spitfire Records



Material from above appears on...

Ian Gillan Rock Profile [cd] : UK 1995 Connoisseur VSOP CD 214




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